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The following regulations refer to renting of training & conference, and computer rooms in the CI ProLearning company premises in Wagonowa street in Wrocław, Poland.



1. This regulation determines the principles that refer to renting of rooms (training & conference and computer) in CI ProLearning (hereinafter referred to as “Centrum”). The regulation obliges all organizers of trainings, courses and meetings in Centrum (hereinafter referred to as „Organizer”). This act also obliges participants of the events organized by the Organizer.

2. Centrum is entitled to renting of training & conference and computer rooms that are located in company premises of the Centrum.

3. The Centrum offers the organizers the service of renting of training & conference and computer rooms according to the rules determined in this regulation and according to the price given in company’s price list.



1. The renting of training & conference and computer rooms can occur only in order to organize conference and other similar events (hereinafter referred to as “Events”). The Organizer has no right to rent, lend or make the rooms available as well as Organizer cannot use the rooms for other purposes than given in the reservation form.

2. The renting of Centrum office area must be predated by notifying by the Organizer the will to rent the room and confirming the reservation by the Centrum.

3. The reservation of Centrum office area is done by the Organizer, using reservation form available in company premises of the Centrum or on the Centrum website, the bookmark “Renting of rooms”.

4. The Organizer must send the reservation form via fax or e-mail in order to report the reservation of training & conference or computer rooms. The reservation form must be validated (sealed and signed by a Organizer worker who is responsible for making financial decisions).

5. The reservation is confirmed by Centrum via telephone, e-mail or fax, using telephone/fax number or e-mail address given by the Organizer no longer than three working days since the date of notifying the reservation by the Organizer. Only the confirmation of the reservation, made by the Centrum, is equivalent to the reservation of the date given by the Organizer.

6. The renting price is counted on the base of the fee for an hour of renting of specified room or rooms. Renting fees are given in the pricelist.

7. The reservation must be made:

a) More than 14 days before the date of the event, if the Organizer requires additional services such as: catering, additional multimedia hardware, etc.

b) More than 7 days before the date of the event, if the Organizer does not require any additional services.

8. Cost-free cancellation of the reservation and annulment of the ordered additional services is only possible:

a) More than 6 working days before the planned date of the event that is the subject of the reservation described in 7. a)

b) More than 2 working days before the planned date of the event that is the subject of the reservation described in 7. b)

c) Cancellation must be notified to the Centrum via telephone, e-mail or fax, using the telephone/fax number, e-mail address given on the Centrum website

9. In case of the cancellation done later than the dates described in 8. a) and 8. b) the Centrum has a right to charge the Organizer with complete cost of renting and services ordered by the Organizer.

10. The fee for the room or rooms and additional services ordered by the Organizer is counted according to the Organizer reservation and order, independently of factual and shorter time of usage of the rooms, placed in the reservation form by the Organizer and independently of factual and shorter time of usage of additional services ordered by the Organizer. The Organizer is charged with the costs of additional services regardless to the fact that the Organizer used these services or not.

11. The return of rented area should happen no longer than 30 minutes after finishing the renting period. In other case, the Organizer will be charged with additional fee for the entire time until the return of rented area. Additional fee will be counted for every following hour of the renting according to the fee placed in the price list.

12. The payment for renting training & conference, and computer rooms, and for additional services must be done on the base of the pro-forma invoice issued by Centrum before the beginning of the event. Payment must be done no longer than 7 days after the date of the issue of the pro-forma invoice and no longer than two days before the date of beginning of the event, placed in the reservation form.



1. The Organizer is obliged to:

a) assure tidiness and cleanliness during the event.

b) remove straight after the event finishes all the training, promotional and informative, etc. materials. CI ProLearning does not take responsibility for any objects left by the Organizer and/or participants after the course completion unless the CI ProLearning worker receive them for safekeeping until the next course. The objects must be turned over at the reception.

c) remove stands, exhibits, etc. in the dates established with Centrum.

2. When the specificity of an event requires it, Organizer is obliged to provide in-house security service during an event. Organizer have to, with no hesitation, inform Centrum about the need to assure security service and receive a written acceptance.

3. Organizer is responsible for all the damages that occur during and after an event if there is a link between the damage and the event. This point refers especially to all the damages of exhibits, clothing or other items that owns the Organizer or event participants.

4. Organizer is responsible for every damages and loses that occurred because of inappropriate use of rented rooms. Organizer is also responsible for any damages and loses done by its subcontractors during an event.

5. In case of damage or loss resulted from inappropriate usage of rented area, Centrum will create documentation together with  estimation of costs. Than the Centrum will perform repairs according to the documentation which copy will be send to Organizer. Organizer is obliged to cover the costs of the repair within 14 days since the date of receiving the debit note.



1. All the actions undertaken on the Centrum territory related to organization of events have to be provided after receiving Centrum approval and during Centrum working hours.

2. Alcohol and food consumption is prohibited on the territory of Centrum except for the places designated by Centrum.

3. There is a complete prohibition on smoking in Centrum company premises.

4. Each of the Organizers can freely use the rented area, under the condition of not violating the rights of other Organizers and not undertaking any actions that could disturb the brand Centrum Innowacji ProLearning.

5. Keys to training & conference and computer rooms are dispenced to the Organizer only by Centrum representative. Keys should be given back Centrum representative immediately after the finish of an event.

6. Centrum stipulates a right to change this regulations.

7. This regulations enter into force on January 1, 2011.

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